PMA Music Productions was founded by the Swedish producer and songwriter Petter Mattsson in early 2018.

Petter Mattsson started out as a musician in the early 90s with his mainly focus as a guitar player and a member of various bands. Rock, hard rock and metal are the genres that he keeps closest to his heart but he is also a fan of pop music which also has become a genre that he likes to work with as a songwriter.

Petter is a dedicated fan of music overall and that's what drives him with great enthusiasm to achieve great results. He is also a member of the Produce Like A Pro Academy.


Petter is a songwriter, music producer, mixer and a musician that offers several music services such as...

  • Songwriting - By client request. Performed on his own or via co-writing together with the artist/band or other songwriters.
  • Music recording - Focused on vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, sound effects and drum programming.
  • Mixing - For digital distribution.
  • Re-mixing Of any types of pre-recorded audio tracks to make the song sound more professional and radio ready.
  • Co-writing
  • Producing - Petter is super great at seeing the potential in songs and understanding what needs to be done to make them shine. For Petter producing means packaging and completing a song together with the client(s) and work with all its ingredients until the song is ready for launch. Artist coaching, fine tuning the mix, arrangements, overdubs, recommendations of next steps are such ingredients. 
  • Etc. - If a client request is not in the list of services we will have a discussion and do our best to fullfill those requests. Anything is possible! =) Petter has a great network with people that matters so if he is not capable of meeting specific requests himself he will make sure that someone else can.

Petter is specifically interested in being able to help YOU that are in the very beginning of your music journey. Maybe YOU are sitting on your bed with a guitar or in your living room in front of a piano creating great songs but don't know where to go from there. At that point Petter is eager to help you out, one step at the time at your own pace. He is a great coach and mentor!


Petter is working from his home studio in Ronneby (Sweden).

Some of the brands that are used in the studio:

So... What are you waiting for?! Get in contact with Petter and PMA Music Productions in case you need his help to make your songs sound great! Time waits for no one... =)